Backpack for Laravel

Backpack for Laravel

A collection of Laravel packages to build a custom admin panel.

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Backpack/Base kickstarts your admin panel building by:

  • pulling in the AdminLTE HTML theme, based on Bootstrap 3;
  • overwriting the default Laravel views for authentication with new ones with AdminLTE design;
  • integrating prologue/alerts and and pnotify for showing notification bubbles upon error/success/warning/info;
  • providing pretty error pages for most common errors;
  • providing a horizontal menu and a side menu you can customize;

Triggering Notification Bubbles in PHP

We use prologue/alerts to trigger notifications. Check out its documentation for the entire syntax.

Basic example:


public function foo() 
  \Alert::info('This is a blue bubble.');
  \Alert::warning('This is a yellow/orange bubble.');
  \Alert::error('This is a red bubble.');
  \Alert::success('This is a green bubble.');
  // the layout will make sure to show your notifications
  return view('some_view');

public function bar()
  \Alert::success('You have successfully logged in')->flash();
  // please note the above flash() method; this will store your notification in a session variable, so that you can redirect to another page, but the notification will still be shown (on the page you redirect to)
  return Redirect::to('some-url');

Triggering Notification Bubbles in JavaScript

We use PNotify to show notifications from JavaScript, on the same page. Check out its page for more detailed use.

Basic example:

new PNotify({
  title: "Operation successful",
  text: "You have deleted the internet.",
  type: "success"

// available types: success, info, warning, error
// PLEASE NOTE it's "error" here, not "danger"